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Wine Sampling August Promotion

With our "By The Glass" wine dispensing & sampling machine we can more readily offer you the possibility to "try before you buy" wine you may not previously have approached, given either its obscurity or of course its price tag. It can provide the opportunity to sample an expensive Bordeaux for example without having to fork out for the whole bottle, especially if it happened you didn't then like it!  

How it works is simple, we give you a card which can be pre-loaded with credit, of which the machine will scan in exchange for a measures of your choice, ranging from a shot (25ml) to a small glass (125ml) of any of the wines available. We carry 8 wines in the machine, 4 Red & 4 white/Rosé at any one time, which we rotate on a regular basis to constantly let you try new things, and at their ideal serving temperature. The equipment's speciality is its ability to maintain a wine's freshness for up to 3 weeks, therefore almost eliminating wastage especially for such premium or lesser known wines that would otherwise be disposed of (or otherwise consumed by us...have we thought this through properly??)

As a promotion, throughout August we are having a give away. For every £10 you add to a card, we will give away an extra 20%, that's £2 extra of FREE WINE!! So come along and give the machine a try.


New Offers for Autumn as the Nights Draw In


We have definitely made the switch to Autumn now and so as the evenings draw in we have a new midweek offer for you to brighten up those darker days.
Chooses any 3 of the tapas dishes from our menu along with 2 glasses of house wine for just £20; available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays from 11am until 6pm.
We always have our menu available during the week and there is no need to book, so come and have a browse of our wines, have a coffee, a glass of wine or a bite to eat, take a stroll amongst the other shops on site and through the gardens, stock is always changing especially as the festive season approaches.
If you prefer to be cosied up in front of the fire; we've put together a range of mixed cases of wine to take away at discounted prices and have a taste of Fullaloves at home. We're putting selections of Reds, Whites and Sparkling as well as some country specific cases to try. The pictured mixed case starts £54 for a case of 6 and £102.50 for 12 representing excellent value against the RRP's of more than £65 & £130 respectively. 
Have a look at our online shop for the list of cases and whats included. (If you're lucky enough to be local to us, we will even deliver your case free of charge!)
If your are the very organised sort that plans ahead for the festive season, we have begun to bring in the seasonal favorites for gift ideas; have a look at our newly introduced "Experience"
selection of Churchill's Port. This trio is made up of 20cl bottles including a 10 year old tawny, a dry white Port (superb with tonic) & a fruity young reserve Port. You can pick up a pack for £24.50.

Lastly, to bear in mind the changing clocks on the 25th, you'll be using your lights much earlier, remember that we supply a range of fantastic & authentic vintage style lighting. Here is a recent residential bespoke commission that we supplied. You will find more examples of our work and guide line pricing in the gallery here.
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